Freedom Technologies Congratulates Doreen Bogdan Martin on her election as ITU’s Director of the Development Bureau  

November 15, 2018

2018 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference

As the International Telecom Union’s 2018 ITU Plenipotentiary Conference reaches its conclusion, the United States can take great pride that our candidate for ITU Director of the Development Bureau, Doreen Bogdan Martin, was elected there.

We congratulate Doreen, a very seasoned ITU veteran with deep experience in telecommunications development, for becoming the first woman to be elected to one of the top five positions in this venerable institution’s 153 years. We rejoice that the men and women of the United States Delegation came together, enthusiastically working to help Doreen shatter the crystal ceiling.  We also rejoice, together with numerous delegates, and particularly women delegates worldwide, in this pioneering step.

The Development Bureau is at the forefront in bringing network access to those billions of human beings without such access.  Further, developing world delegates argued passionately that the Development Bureau is ideally situated to assist them in learning about cutting edge cybersecurity, data analytics and internet of things domains, that pertain to networks globally and to their aspirations for their own countries.  In all these areas, the United States is the global leader.  Doreen Bogdan Martin will be an ideal leader of the Development Bureau since she melds passionate, demonstrated commitment to these issues together with an awareness of resources available to support them.

FTI is honored to have been part of this effort from its inception.   We look forward to Director Bogdan’s pivotal leadership in the years ahead.