Some of the most ripe spectrum spectrum for commercialization is “mid-band” spectrum.  This has led a charge from industry and policymakers to commercialize that mid-band spectrum.  However, there is a limited amount of this spectrum, and several key incumbents that need protection.

Recent Legislation:

RAY BAUM’S Act of 2018 (as included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018)

FCC  Docket GN 15-319 (3.5 GHz SAS and ESC Applications, created 12/16/15)

FCC Docket GN 17-258 (Promoting Investment in the 3550-3700 MHz Band, created 9/29/17)

Executive Action:

Presidential Memorandum on Developing a Sustainable Spectrum Strategy for America’s Future (Oct. 25, 2018).

Other Actions:

C-Band Alliance Proposal

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