Space is growing crowded, as more and more satellites are being launched into orbit, accomplishing more and more varied tasks.  With falling launch prices, advancing satellite technology, and an Executive branch pushing for more clear and streamlined space commerce governance, commercial space is rising in stock.  This has created a turbulent regulatory environment for all space operators.  Considering the vast expenditures and long runways needed for space asset return-on-investment, careful attention to changes in industry, policy, and technology is necessary for success.

Recent Legislation:

Space Frontiers Act of 2019 (introduced).

Executive Action:

Space Policy Directive 1

Space Policy Directive 2

Space Policy Directive 3

Space Policy Directive 4

Other Actions:

FCC Dockets EB 13-115 (Amendment of Part 2 of the Commission’s Rules for Federal Earth Stations Communicating with Non-Federal Fixed Satellite Service Space Stations, created 5/6/13)

FCC Docket IB 18-86 (In the Matter of Streamlining Licensing Procedures for Small Satellites, created 3/23/18)

FCC Docket IB 16-408 (Update to Parts 2 and 25 Concerning Non-geostationary, Fixed-Satellite Service Systems and Related Matters, created 12/15/16).

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