Technology never stops, and changes in the landscape can impact existing investments in spectrum, space, or elsewhere.  Our professionals are well-versed in the latest technology trends and breakthroughs.  We provide in-depth analysis into how these technologies impact client equities and the telecom sector generally.  We have intimate knowledge across a wide field of emerging technologies.  We also have understanding of domestic and international regulation over such emerging technologies.  Areas of expertise include:  next generation antenna, drone policy, commercial space, 4G and 5G, blockchain, AI, Internet of Things,  and spectrum sharing. 

Experience Highlights:

  • Expertise in 5G technologies and implications on existing spectrum assets.
  • Extensive knowledge of auctions and their role in spectrum management.
  • Analysis of blockchain-related spectrum management systems.  
  • Policy analysis of new SmallSat applications.
  • Continuously providing drone policy advice regarding national security, spectrum implications, use cases, and business applications.
  • Analysis of advanced spectrum sharing techniques/dynamic spectrum access.