Space Commerce

Space is growing crowded, as more and more satellites are being launched into orbit, accomplishing more and more varied tasks.  With falling launch prices, advancing satellite technology, and an Executive branch pushing for more clear and streamlined space commerce governance, commercial space is rising in stock.  This has created a turbulent regulatory environment for all

High-Band Spectrum

A significant part of the 5G networks is access to spectrum.  This requires the FCC to regularly consider changing licensing rules and working with federal spectrum users to free up spectrum.  “Mid-Band” spectrum is highly desirable, but, there are many equities currently using those bands.  Recent spectrum developments include investigating how to utilize never before

Mid-Band Spectrum

Some of the most ripe spectrum spectrum for commercialization is “mid-band” spectrum.  This has led a charge from industry and policymakers to commercialize that mid-band spectrum.  However, there is a limited amount of this spectrum, and several key incumbents that need protection. Recent Legislation: RAY BAUM’S Act of 2018 (as included in the Consolidated Appropriations