Albert Halprin, Vice President

Bert Halprin

Albert Halprin

Albert Halprin has specialized in domestic and international telecommunications law matters. In addition, he has served in several senior roles in federal and state government. As Chief of the Common Carrier Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission, he oversaw comprehensive regulatory reforms that underpinned the transition of United States communications from a monopoly structure to the competitive marketplace of today. For this accomplishment, he was awarded the agency’s highest award, the Chairman’s Gold Medal for Distinguished Service.

Subsequent to government service Mr. Halprin was a Partner, leading the communications practice, at the Dewey Ballantine law firm and founding Halprin, Temple, Goodman, Sugrue and Maher.
Mr. Halprin also served as an adjunct professor of international telecommunications law at Georgetown University Law Center for fifteen years. He also was a lead regulatory advisor to the International Telecommunications Union’s Regulators’ Symposium.

In addition to his telecommunications experience, Mr. Halprin invests in real estate. He is a graduate of The Harvard Law School (1974) and of Western Washington State College (1971).