Fred Wentland, Senior Vice President

Fred Wentland

Fred Wentland

Fred Wentland is a leading national telecommunications and spectrum expert. Fred heads FTI’s Annapolis, Maryland, office, where he guides the firm’s work as a subcontractor to ITT Corporation in support of the Joint Spectrum Center (JSC) contract. FTI is part of the ITT team supporting this Electromagnetic Spectrum Engineering Services Contract for the Defense Information Systems Agency’s JSC. The team provides engineering systems support, technical analysis, test support and long-term strategic planning for JSC to meet national security and military objectives. He also provides advice on a variety of telecommunications activities being addressed by FTI in the greater Washington DC area.

Prior to being a member of FTI, he has been with National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Washington, D.C., for the past 27 years and has worked in all facets of telecommunications & information and spectrum management. While at NTIA, he served as the Associate Administrator for NTIA’s Office of Spectrum Management (OSM) where he made significant contributions through his leadership and management of 146 spectrum professionals to streamline the Federal government spectrum management processes through information technology, make spectrum available for new technologies while balancing the safety of life requirements of the Federal government, work with the FCC in establishing appropriate rules and regulations in shared spectrum, participate in continuity of government activities in support of national emergencies, and meet the everyday spectrum requirements of 56 federal agencies. One of Fred’s primary responsibilities was to provide the necessary leadership to carry out the President’s Spectrum Policy Initiative for 21st Century.

Prior to NTIA, he spent 22 years with the Air Force as an officer and worked in the area of communications and satellites of which he spent over 7 years with the Department of Defense’s Joint Spectrum Center. One of his major achievements with the Air Force was his participation directly in NASA’s Gemini/Apollo programs as a flight controller at Houston and also on the first lunar landing in July 1969.

Fred received his Bachelor of Science Degree in electrical engineer from Oklahoma State University.