Mr. Gordon (Bill) Crandall has been a radio frequency (RF) engineer for over 50 years in both the public and private sector with extensive experience in frequency management including frequency assignment, system certification, technical standards, policy and procedures, and interference prediction and resolution.  He worked for the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) for 28 years and served in various leadership positions in the Spectrum Engineering and Analysis Division and the Spectrum Support Division within the Office of Spectrum Management.  Mr. Crandall was the Chairman of the Frequency Assignment Subcommittee of the Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee.  Mr. Crandall was also the lead NTIA member of the U.S. delegation where he developed and fostered agreements with Mexico concerning the allotment and use of three government frequency bands along common border areas.

Prior to his work at NTIA, Mr. Crandall worked for a DOD contractor in the field of electromagnetic compatibility where he worked on various interference prediction and measurement support projects.

Mr. Crandall received his Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland.