Ms. Kay Hawkins serves as Office Manager, Facility Security Officer and Executive Assistant to Janice Obuchowski. She has been with FTI for 28 years. Ms. Hawkins manages our office as well as providing sole administrative support to FTI’s professionals in the areas of spectrum management and wireless communications, including mobile technology broadband trends, spectrum engineering, and domestic and international regulatory policy. Prior to joining FTI, Ms. Hawkins worked for numerous law firms both in Washington, DC and Birmingham, Alabama as a legal secretary and executive assistant. She worked for Verner Liipfert in DC, Maynard Cooper & Gale in Birmingham, and Berkowitz Lefkovitz in Birmingham, among others. Ms. Hawkins has worked in various industries along the way, including in medical, construction, labor associations, and in engineering, law, and consulting firms. Ms. Hawkins provides an extensive array of office management and administrative background with over 40 years of experience.