Mr. William (Mike) Doolan has been a Radio Frequency Spectrum engineer for over 30 years.  At FTI, he has provided support to the National Telecommunication Information Administration’s (NTIA) Spectrum Services Division and to NOAA’s U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System to assist in obtaining licensing for oceanographic radars.

Mr. Doolan worked for NTIA’s Office of Spectrum Management for 23 years in both the Spectrum Engineering and Analysis Division and the Spectrum Support Division’s System Review Branch (SRB).  In the SRB he conducted many reviews of requests for spectrum certification and conducted analysis of proposed new Federal radio systems at various stages of development.  With the SEAD, he worked on many FCC Rulemakings, Notices of Inquiry, and Reports and Orders on such topics as RFID, UWB and GPS.  He served as the Vice-Chair of the IRAC’s Technical Subcommittee.  He developed engineering algorithms and helped develop service rules for the 71-76, 81-86, 92-95 GHz bands as well as the web-based frequency coordination program.

Mr. Doolan also worked for other contractors in the private sector including the Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute in support of the DoD Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center.

Mr. Doolan holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland.