Spectrum Policy

We are renowned for our domestic and international spectrum policy.  Our policy experts offer experienced counsel on all spectrum policy matters, including executive, legislative, and regulatory policy analysis and strategy.  The world of spectrum today is increasingly dynamic, with greatly diverse and numerous stakeholders, and holds significant implications for global societies.  We provide assistance to those seeking to protect their spectrum assets and to those navigating the field.  With authoritative experience, we will help you reach your goal.

Spectrum Engineering

Our seasoned engineers have decades of experience in systems support, technical analysis, test support, spectrum policy development, and long term strategic planning.  Their efforts have streamlined government spectrum management policy, implementing the shared used of spectrum and supporting national emergencies. Our engineering team and outstanding contractor partners have strong governmental experience with spectrum management policy and processes, both domestic and foreign as well as engagement with many international organizations.

Space and Satellite Policy

Access to space and its commercialization is one of the most significant ongoing developments in human history.  Our professionals are experts on space and satellite policy, having been part of early space exploration and its growing policy concerns.  This in-depth knowledge of policy and industry allows us to assist government and private sector clients on matters associated with international regulations, U.S. policies around commercial space launch, commercialization of space travel, hosted payloads, new U.S. military operational and national security structures, and the impact of emerging satellite services on the domestic and international broadband markets.

Internet Policy

Our professionals have overseen and analyzed internet policy since its infancy.  They offer executive experience working with internet oversight and governance.  We understand the implications of regulation on private sector investments and operations.  As experts in the field, we have assisted government agencies in crafting their positions on internet governance at the intersection of other matters including IoT, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.  

Emerging Technologies

Our professionals are well-versed in the latest technology trends and breakthroughs.  We provide in-depth analysis into how these technologies can impact client equities and the telecom sector.  We have provided analysis and recommendations on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, dynamic spectrum access, mmWave spectrum applications, small satellite technology and more.

Business and Technology Consulting

We apply our extensive expertise and industry contacts to advise our clients on how best to manage their telecommunication outreach and to organize their operations for success. We have done extensive benchmarking studies, focusing on client-defined issues.

We have extensive knowledge of industry structure and an understanding of the expanding linkages between advanced communications technologies and services. We provide technical, regulatory, and market analyses assessing domestic and international telecommunications markets and technology trends. Our research and analysis capabilities encompass all the tools necessary to provide comprehensive research and strategic advice to our public and private sector clients.