We can provide the tools necessary to succeed in wireless communications.  Our seasoned engineers have decades of experience in systems support, technical analysis, test support, spectrum policy development, and long term strategic planning.  Their collective efforts have streamlined government spectrum management policy, implementing the shared used of spectrum and supporting national emergencies. The engineering team has strong governmental experience with spectrum management policy and processes, both domestic and foreign as well as engagement with many international organizations.

Our firm employs singularly qualified experts who understand the way in which governments have allocated and managed spectrum in the U.S. and worldwide.  Its analysts and advisors have provided both government and private sector clients with understanding and application of these processes – engineering systems support, technical analysis, test support and long-term strategic planning.

Experience Highlights:

  • Developing spectrum engineering risk, use, and interference and compatibility assessments.
  • Defining application requirements and architecture frameworks for spectrum management systems.
  • Integrating software tools to support spectrum management processes.
  • Certifying technical spectrum reports for compliance with organizational standards.