Our expertise in domestic and international spectrum policy is renowned worldwide.  Our policy experts offer experienced counsel on all spectrum policy matters, including executive, legislative, and regulatory policy analysis and strategy.  The world of spectrum today is increasingly dynamic, with greatly diverse and numerous stakeholders. We provide assistance to those seeking to protect their spectrum assets and to those attempting to enter the field.

Spectrum Management Policy 

We are experts in leasing, sharing, and everything in between.  Our professionals were heavily involved with developing the current model of commercial spectrum, and have aided in developing innovative solutions.  

Federal Spectrum

We are experts on Federal spectrum stakeholder policies, including military uses, protection, re-purposing and bidirectional sharing.  The firm has provided strategic guidance to private and government sector clients concerning radio spectrum and a range of communications technologies as they support national security emergencies, preparedness, space operations, and climate analysis. It has also provided leadership in shaping national rules in the U.S. for a public/private partnership devoted to build-out of a public safety network.

Spectrum Commercialization

Our professionals provide expert analysis of wireless markets, and regularly advise the public sector on management and use of spectrum resources, auction design and implementation, and regulatory management of spectrum usage (both commercial and public).  We have served as an expert advisor, author, and editor for the ITU’s Telecommunications Development Bureau regarding these topics.

International Spectrum Policy

Our experts have led, advised, and participated in ITU Plenipotentiary Conferences, World Radiocommunication Conferences, ITU-sponsored regional conferences, and have been instrumental in developing telecommunications regulation in the U.S. and in complicated foreign markets.  This experience has built a fundamental understanding of international spectrum policy, supplemented by knowledge of domestic policy, private sector spectrum, and engineering.

Experience Highlights:

  • Our president, Janice Obuchowski served as the Administrator of the U.S. Government’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration and was the U.S. Head of Delegation to the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2003.
  • Several on our staff have been invited to provide high level leadership at ITU Conferences, and to provide support for leadership, including WRC 2003, 2015, & 2019, WTDC 2014 & 2018, and Plenipotentiary 2010 & 2018.
  • We have served as an expert adviser, author and editor for the ITU’s Telecommunications Development Bureau on broadcast spectrum policy, auction economics, and mobile broadband.
  • Our professionals have guided, as U.S. advisors, policies to advance the telecommunications infrastructure of other nations, including Iraq, Egypt, and Jordan.
  • Our senior leaders have led international government affairs teams at major global corporations.