Space commercialization and exploration are some of the most significant ongoing developments in human history.  Our professionals are experts on space and satellite policy and have been a part of the the blossoming of space commerce.  This in-depth knowledge of policy and industry allows us to assist government and private sector clients on matters associated with international regulations, U.S. policies around commercial space launch, commercialization of space travel, hosted payloads, new U.S. military operational and national security structures, and the impact of emerging satellite services on the domestic and international broadband markets.

Experience Highlights:

  • Providing analysis of developing commercial space policy for leading space related government agencies such as NASA and NOAA.  
  • Providing expertise in orbital debris mitigation, space situational awareness and space traffic management, debris removal, and orbit regulation and rulemaking authority.
  • Providing expertise in satellite applications, including earth imaging/remote sensing, broadband, exploration, and GNSS.